Capture is a project management software designed to make project planning, budgeting and workflow easier, saving time, money, and resources. With Capture, you can manage an unlimited number of projects, budgets, payments, contracts, University Capital outlay projects, maintenance projects and vendors all within a few clicks on our web based platform. Our web based platform means that no software is required, only the internet and web browser is needed. See why other universities are using capture for project financial planning and University Capital Outlay projects.

Capture Features

  • Online Billing and Payments – Capital outlay billing module allows Universities to conveniently make payments, track and store invoices, track budgets and prepare billing, receive payments and create custom budget reports.
  • Collaboration – Share your workspace and information with project managers, accountants, auditors and other departments. Project planning and budgeting is made simple with cross departmental collaboration.
  • Manage Vendors – Scan and store electronic records of invoices and view real time vendor efficiency reports. (Vendor Report Card)
  • Cost Overruns – Track projected/anticipated project costs to keep your budget in check.
  • Maintenance groups – Group budgets across multiple maintenance projects and track funding sources across multiple projects.
  • Balanced Budget – Project budgets are in check at all times. With system checks and balances you will never commit more than budgeted amounts.

Who Is Constructant?

Constructant Project Solutions LLC, the creators of Capture software is a Michigan based company located in Marquette. The software creators have been developing and perfecting Capture for the past 9 years. “Our mission has always been to provide University Facility administrators with cost effective software that will afford them the opportunity to exercise fiscal responsibility, fairness, and control during capital improvement projects.”